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TDI Clean Diesel

When it comes to green cars, hybrids tend to get all of the attention – and that’s great. Even so, renting one of the TDI clean diesel vehicles available from MPG Car Rental gives you a chance to check out the many benefits of this new technology utilizing the clean burning alternative to gasoline.

A TDI clean diesel rental from Volkswagen offers you all of many outstanding features that have made cars like the Jetta and the Beetle such familiar sights on America’s highways. Volkswagen TDI technology is providing better mileage and truly impressive ranges that go up to 795 miles and improve on comparable gasoline engines by as much as thirty percent. Best of all, there is no sacrifice in performance. Rest assured that you’ll be enjoying the same outstanding Volkswagen quality from a TDI Clean Diesel engine as you would with a conventional Volkswagen.

While also offering the best cars on the highway, MPG Car Rental is here to provide the finest customer service of any car rental in greater L.A. We are also happy to include these fine cars in our test drive program. If you wind up purchasing a Volkswagen TDI car, we will reimburse you up to four days rental. Whether you are coming to us for a Jetta TDI rental or you are seeking out one of the many hybrid autos in our all green fleet, we make it point to provide the kind of friendly and efficient service that larger companies can’t always provide. MPG Car Rental’s test drive program is just a small part of that commitment.

For more information on a TDI rental in Los Angeles any other vehicle from MPG Car Rental, please call us at 877-870-7821 or by going to our contact page.