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All Green Fleet

MPG Car Rental offers a wide selection of green vehicles for your environmentally friendly driving pleasure. We are always adding the newest and most modern cars available to our all-green hybrid rental fleet.

You probably have memories of renting a car when you were a kid, going on a trip with your family. Perhaps one of your parents drove a hard bargain for extra features. Maybe you went out to the lot to inspect your potential car, and even kicked a few tires. What is kicking a tire supposed to do, anyway? Test to see if it falls off? Looking back, we used to do a lot of things differently when it came to choosing a car, and driving.

Whichever rental your family picked, it probably reflected sensible taste and practicality. Today, however, the ideas of sensible taste and practicality are defined differently. You must be practical about your own needs while thinking about the larger world too. At MPG Car Rental, we make this confusing dilemma simple by offering low rates on great, environmentally friendly green car rental. That is simply the modern way things are done.

The best part about renting a brand new Prius, Chevy Volt, or Volkswagen Jetta TDI is that you know you are moving in a modern direction. The Chevy Volt gets eye-popping gas mileage for a hybrid thanks to its high tech engineering. The newest Prius models are the state of the art in mixing great fuel economy with great style, safety and capacity. The Jetta TDI is a performance machine with a green edge. Whatever your taste in hybrid rental car, MPG Car Rental has the modern car for you.

Make your reservations online, or call customer service at (877)870-7821.