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Camry Hybrid Rental

MPG Car Rental is proud to include the Toyota Camry Hybrid as part of its all-green fleet. We are based in Venice Beach, CA, but we provide delivery in Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, and Santa Monica for our customers. Our Camry Hybrid rental is priced to be competitive and, like the rest of the vehicles in our Earth-friendly collection, provides an alternative in the rental market for those with an environmental consciousness.

A Toyota Camry hybrid rental runs can run solely on electric power in traffic and on short trips, saving the renter gas costs. Plus, with fuel economy in the 30s, a Camry Hybrid rental doesn't have to break the bank even when gas is needed. The Camry Hybrid might not have the same name recognition as a Prius, but it's an incredible piece of machinery. A Toyota Camry rental boasts the following:

  • Smart key keyless entry and startup allows convenient use.

  • It's a mid-size sedan, so it's a bit larger and more powerful than the Prius.

  • A convenient energy flow diagram, allowing for maximization of the hybrid engines.

  • Handy controls on the wheel for temperature, radio, and more.

Furthermore, we make it incredibly easy to rent Camry Hybrid transportation in Los Angeles. The team here at MPG Car Rental prides itself on having our customers in and out of a Camry Hybrid rental in minutes. Plus, with lots of extras available in our office, you'll be able to get everything you need for your rental in one place. Call MPG Car Rental at (877) 870-7821 or by visiting our contact webpage.