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CT200 Rental

Here at MPG, we get many requests for CT200 rental, but fortunately, there is no shortage of this great hybrid from Lexus.
The Japanese designers of the Lexus CT series of cars with the European market in mind. However, with the class of customers we regularly serve here at MPG, CT200 Rental is in serious demand among our customers. It may be because the CT200 offers the reliability and engineering that customers recognize from the Prius (its cousin, since Toyota is Lexus' parent company), but also the luxury that customers associate with Lexus.

The CT200 rental comes with essentially the same engine and drivetrain as the Prius. However, there is an added bonus: when the mood strikes, you can activate enhanced performance. You will lose a small amount of mileage during the time you are playing speed demon (Within reason, please! It is a rental). But the added performance can be a big help when you are merging onto one our notorious Los Angeles Freeways, or just trying to show a Prius driver who's boss.

The Lexus CT 200 hybrid also comes with added luxury inside, and a little European styling outside. When you hit the streets of Los Angeles in your Lexus rental, you will still make that fashionable impression.

Lexus rental cars are just one of the options available here at MPG Car Rental.

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