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Electric Car Rental

Choosing a car to rent was once a matter of picking which color of huge, gas-guzzling machine you wanted to drive around in. Cruising around the city you are visiting in style simply meant getting the newest and fastest. Now there is another consideration: The greenest. At MPG Car Rental we know that as today's driver you do not want to sacrifice your commitment to environmentalism just because you are not at home. Hybrid, Clean Diesel, and Electric Car Rental are the future of the rent-a-car business, and we don't just offer the cars, we do it right. We have a wide selection, the best maintenance and top-notch service.

The selection you will find at MPG is unlike MPG's competitors. Rather than having a fleet of "regular" cars, and then a handful of green alternatives just to pay lip service to those who want a hybrid, we have a fantastic array of cars for hybrid rental, as well as plug-in hybrids providing an almost completely electric car rental experience. The Fisker Karma is a great example of environmentalism mixed with sport and style that must be seen to be believed. We also carry the Prius and Chevy Volt, the workhorses of the hybrid world, and we have the latest models. You can bet as the field develops, we will continue to find the newest and best, not just because the consumer demands it, but because we are passionate about it.

But of course we wouldn't be a world leader in Hybrid, Clean Diesel, and Electric Car Rental if we weren't dedicated to carefully maintaining the integrity of these cars, and to provide great customer service. If you have any questions about Hybrid, Clean Diesel, and Electric Car Rental, call or visit and find out just how friendly and knowledgeable our staff is.

Electric Car Rental LAX