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Honda Hybrid Car

All through the second half of the twentieth century, Honda was a motor company that did away with convention, saw a possibility, and presented it to a grateful. Long before the first Honda hybrid car, Honda was introducing people all over the world to their line of modest powered, durable, and practical motorcycles. Honda motorcycles from that era (most of which are still running) are some of the most widespread, popular, and beloved motor vehicles in the world. In that spirit, a Honda hybrid car is equally durable, and practical.

Honda hybrid cars were arguably the first in America. Most Americans will recall that the Honda Insight springing onto the scene around 1999 provoked many questions. It was tiny, and streamlined (like so many Hondas are) but it was different somehow. Honda hybrid customers were early adopters, but competition from the Toyota Prius came along soon enough.

If you are a longtime fan of cars from this Japanese automaker, you are not alone. Wide acceptance of small, economical cars was what propelled Honda to international success in the first place. If you are looking to rent a hybrid car, it is not unlikely that you are going to wind up in one of our Honda hybrid cars, and you will be glad you did.

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