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Honda Hybrid cars

As we become increasingly aware of our environmental impact, we turn to new solutions to ease our ecological consciences. One of these resolutions is the mass exodus of consumers flocking to drive hybrid cars. Yet, many for whatever reason don't feel quite confident enough to commit to a hybrid right away. Thankfully, MPG Car Rental has an established the MPG Test Drive Program. This deal allows a customer to rent an automobile from the MPG Car Rental fleet, including the Honda hybrid, and get that fee deducted from the price of a purchase of the same make and model.

MPG Car Rental hopes that this program will encourage more people to buy greener vehicles. The burden of gasoline on your wallet is enough to get drivers to switch to environmentally-friendly vehicles, but sometimes a little push in the form of an extended test drive can really help a customer make an informed decision. A great example of this would be getting a Honda Insight rental from MPG Car Rental.

The Insight, one of many fine-looking Honda hybrid cars, looks great on paper. It's aerodynamic, has 31.5 cubic feet of cargo capacity, and gets 40 miles per gallon in cities and 43 on the highway (though many agree that those EPA estimates are conservative). However, Insight Honda hybrid cars are also great in reality. It's safe, has incredibly crisp handling, and has a thorough system that provides fuel economy data to really help you maximize your tank. It's unavoidable that Honda hybrids will be compared to the Prius. If you're torn between purchasing one or the other, just know that the Insight typically handles better, has smoother brakes, and comes at a much more affordable price.

Look into MPG Car Rental's test drive program to help you personally explore Honda hybrid cars. Their phone number is (877) 870-7821 and they also have an easy to use reservation webpage.