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Honda Hybrid

Maybe you are planning a trip to Los Angeles in the near future and looking for a car rental that doesn't irk your environmental sensibilities. Perhaps you're a local and are looking for reliable transportation while your car gets repaired or for something to temporarily relieve your exorbitant fuel costs. Well, look no further than MPG Car Rental for superb and competitively-priced hybrid car rentals. Every vehicle in their extensive fleet is hybrid, clean diesel, or electric. The Honda hybrid Insight is an integral part of their rental collection.

Not everybody can spring for the flashiest car when on a business or personal trip. However, this doesn't mean that we have to sacrifice natural steering, smooth navigation, and an aerodynamic exterior that an Insight Rental can provide. The fuel-sipping, four-door Honda hybrid gets 40 miles per gallon in the city and more on the highway. It's also incredibly affordable. The Insight, the original line of the Honda hybrids, generally retails for less than the Prius despite having comparable stats. MPG Car Rental retains these savings when it rents the Honda hybrid to its customers.

MPG Car Rental prides itself in its devotion to customer satisfaction. They have a reputation, both locally and throughout the internet, for their friendliness, flexibility, and dedication to a top-notch car rental experience. With frequent online specials and affordable rental add-ons like mobile Mi-Fi, the employees at MPG Car Rental strive to put people above vulgar profit. They know most people who rent a car are stressed, so they offer considerate amenities like pick-up and drop-off service.

The fine staff at MPG Car Rental can be reached at (877) 870-7821 or through their website's reservation page.