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Honda Hybrids

Honda hybrids have been bringing reliability and affordability to the burgeoning green car market since 1999. The Insight, the premier Honda hybrid, was the first hybrid vehicle introduced to the American market. So, Honda hybrids have the experience and reputation to truly deliver a satisfying driving experience to those seeking a vehicle with a low retail price and huge fuel efficiency.

The staff at MPG Car Rental passes the savings from purchasing a Honda Insight to you. An Insight rental not only carries a low daily cost, it also alleviates the driver's need to refill the tank too frequently. Getting 43 miles per gallon on the highway and 40 in the city, this flagship of Honda hybrid cars has a sleek, aerodynamic exterior and a surprising amount of cargo space. Car reviewers have noted the smooth handling and break systems and general sense of safety inside the Insight.

The crew at MPG Car Rental is incredibly knowledgeable about Honda hybrids and every car in their totally environmentally-friendly fleet of cars. They have a strong reputation for putting the customer first and keeping their automobiles in excellent shape. Because they're not some intimidating chain rental business, they can be flexible and give you the attention you deserve. Plus, if you're currently out of a vehicle, then MPG Car Rental can even deliver the car to you in Los Angeles or Santa Monica.

You can call them now at  (877) 870-7821 or visit their website and fill out a reservation request.