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Honda Insight Rental Los Angeles Venice Beach

The Honda Insight is a mid-size four door hybrid car rental with fantastic fuel efficiency. This vehicle combines a small 1.3 liter gas engine with a 13 hp electric motor giving you an estimated 40 MPG when driving in the city and up to 43 MPG on the highway. This vehicle is available for delivery in Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, and Santa Monica. Pickup locations include the brand new rental office located in Venice Beach California. Rent a Honda Insight Hybrid from MPG Car Rental today!


Honda Insight Rental

The number one source for Honda Insight rental in Los Angeles is right here at MPG Car Rental, the premier Southern California provider of high-quality hybrid car rentals. Consider just a few reasons why Honda Insight rental is becoming an increasingly popular choice for savvy consumers. First and foremost, the Honda Insight boasts exceptional fuel efficiency, getting 40 MPG when driving in the city and up to 43 MPG on the highway. This innovative hybrid design epitomizes a superior standard to which so many other hybrid vehicles strive. Of course, that amazing fuel efficiency doesn't require that you sacrifice anything in terms of safety or comfort. This is a true luxury hybrid vehicle, offering a smooth, sophisticated ride.

You will find affordable Honda Insight rental at MPG Car Rental, along with many other choices at extremely competitive rates. Consider also the Toyota Prius (2nd and 3rd generation models available), or the first-class Chevy Tahoe hybrid, perfect for larger families visiting the Los Angeles area. Regardless of your ultimate choice, you will enjoy personalized service here at MPG Car Rental, where we consider every customer an integral part of a family that together is doing our part to save the precious environment.