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Hybrid Car Rental LAX

Looking for high-quality hybrid car rental at LAX without all the stress and hassle? Your salvation is finally here, and its name is MPG Car Rental! Our brand new office is conveniently located in Venice, and we offer pick-up and drop-off anywhere within a two mile radius. Many travelers and businesspeople visiting Los Angeles are well aware of the commuting situation here (it is rough, we won't lie), and they want to find a reputable car rental company that can provide fuel efficient vehicles. Here at MPG Car Rental, we offer an entirely green fleet of cars and SUVs.

Our team at MPG Car Rental is setting a new standard for hybrid car rental at LAX. Dodge the long lines at the big national chains and enjoy some personalized customer service at an innovative company that is the talk of the town. What is it exactly that sets MPG Car Rental apart from the rest of the flock? First of all, here you can find an all green fleet of vehicles at very competitive prices. Right now you can reserve a Toyota Prius (at up to 51 MPG on the highway, still the standard bearer for the hybrid class). Also available are such premier choices as the Volkwagen Jetta TDI (closing in on the Prius at up to 42 MPG) and the much larger but (for an SUV) still very fuel efficient Chevy Tahoe Hybrid (up to 22 MPG).

MPG Car Rental is always seeking to make hybrid car rental at LAX an easier and more affordable venture for people from all walks of life. And we pride ourselves on our commitment to environmental sustainability. Help the cause and check out our many online deals today.

Conveniently located in Venice, only 3 miles from the Los Angeles International Airport, our fleet at MPG Car Rental makes for an easy and accessible source for hybrid car rental at LAX. Here you will find everything from several Toyota Prius models (including the latest 2012 Prius V) to the Chevy Volt. We offer cars as well as SUVs, including the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid and the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid. Regardless of what you start off looking for, you are bound to find something that perfectly suits your individual taste and needs for dependable hybrid car rental at LAX.

If you are visiting Los Angeles for the first time, you may not know just how perfect this city is for hybrid vehicles. Most hybrids work by charging the battery every time you lay on the brake. In the congested streets and highways of our City of Angels, the hybrid's electric motor gets quite a work out, and you save a considerable amount of money on gasoline as a result. To learn more about our many choices for hybrid car rental at LAX, don't hesitate to contact us directly with your questions. Our friendly and helpful customer service team is standing by to handle all inquiries.