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Hybrid Car Rental Los Angeles

When it comes to finding dependable and affordable hybrid car rental in Los Angeles, savvy consumers are choosing our services at MPG Car Rental. Here at MPG Car Rental, we offer our large and ever growing base of loyal customers an extensive fleet of green vehicles from which to choose from. Perhaps you would be interested in the incomparable Prius V, the latest addition to Toyota's line of incredibly fuel efficient cars. The Prius V brings to the table the same performance you fell in love with years ago, along with substantially more interior room, making it the perfect choice for hybrid car rental in Los Angeles.

Or perhaps you would be interested in the Chevy Volt. This piece of cutting-edge auto technology offers a fuel efficiency of 93 mpg equivalent (MPG-e) in all electric-mode, 37 mpg in gasoline-only mode, and a combined gasoline-electric city/highway fuel economy of 60mpg. And if something truly sporty is more up your alley, you will love the brand new Fisker Karma, a dashing hybrid sports car that combines a fuel economy of 100 MPG with a top speed of 125 MPH. Nowhere else will you find a more breathtaking option for hybrid car rental in Los Angeles.