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Hybrid Car Rental Venice

People looking for high-quality hybrid car rental in Venice have found their match with MPG Car Rental. Here at MPG Car Rental, our team of seasoned professionals has gathered up the ultimate selection of environmentally friendly vehicles in the greater Los Angeles area. Not only that, but we also offer unbeatable prices and consistently courteous customer service. Our goal is to build up a base of satisfied customers who want to keep on coming back and who become a part of the extended MPG Car Rental family. And we are well on our way!

Interested in learning more about our hybrid car rental in Venice? Let's get started, shall we? We offer everything from the simple classiness of the Honda Insight (its 1.3 liter gas engine and 13 hp electric motor provides up to 43 MPG) to the Toyota Camry Hybrid and the frequent favorite, the Toyota Prius. And for those of you looking for something bigger without resorting to a gas guzzler, we have such prime choices as the Toyota Highlander Hybrid (as with the rest of the fleet, this bad boy comes with built-in navigation, bluetooth, and Ipod input) and the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid (check out those leather seats!).

All these options and much more are available for drop-off and pick-up in Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, and Santa Monica. To learn more, contact us directly, or come visit us at our brand new location in Venice Beach. You will quickly see why hybrid car rental in Venice is becoming so popular.

For exceptional hybrid car rental in Venice that you can always depend on, the clear choice is MPG Car Rental. Here at MPG Car Rental, we make renting an eco-friendly car easy, stress-free, and affordable. Conveniently located in Venice, our headquarters is a hop, skip, and a jump from LAX . We also provide free drop-off and pick-up anywhere within two miles of our headquarters. Our dedication to a higher standard of customer service, combined with the unmatched depth and breadth of choices in our fleet of green vehicles, has made us the go-to destination for hybrid car rental in Venice.

Consider just a few of the exciting choices available for hybrid car rental in Venice at MPG Car Rental. First, how about the Toyota Prius V? Toyota has succeeded on improving on their model without stripping anything away. A greatly expanded interior space provides ample room for luggage or even a surf board, and yet the fuel economy is virtually unchanged. Or perhaps the Chevy Volt is more your cup of tea. With a stunning combined gasoline-electric city/highway fuel economy of 60 MPG, the Chevy Volt is a very economical choice for hybrid car rental in Venice.