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Lexus 450h Hybrid Rental Los Angeles and Venice Beach

The Lexus 450h is a mid-size SUV hybrid car rental with impressive fuel efficiency. This vehicle comes fully loaded with built-in navigation, leather seats, Blue Tooth, premium audio with Ipod Input, and a rear-facing camera. The 450h is capable of approaching 30MPH in electric mode which is outstanding for driving in the city. New features include "EV" mode which allows pure electric propulsion at lower speeds. This luxury SUV hybrid rental give you an estimated 30 MPG which driving in the city and 32 MPG driving on the highway. This vehicle is available for delivery in Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, and Santa Monica. Pickup locations include the brand new rental office located in Venice Beach California. Rent a Lexus 450h hybrid at MPG car rental today!

Lexus 450 Hybrid

Are you looking for high-quality hybrid SUV rental in Los Angeles? Have you considered a hybrid Lexus rental? With a Lexus 450 hybrid rental from our diverse fleet of green vehicles at MPG Car Rental, you can enjoy the same level of luxury and comfort that the Lexus brand is known worldwide for, but also take advantage of exceptional fuel efficiency available nowhere else. Here at MPG Car Rental, conveniently located in Venice Beach, you can find both the Lexus 400 hybrid and Lexus RX 450 models for rent.

Let's first take a look at the popular Lexus RX 400h. This sleek automobile is a gas-electric hybrid version of the RX 350 crossover, with a stylish new front grill, pristine chrome door handles, new finishing for its durable 18-inch wheels, and an elegant rear spoiler. The ultimate mid-size luxury hybrid utility, the Lexus RX 400h puts its competitors to shame for sheer style and functionality. You may also be interested in our RX Lexus 450 hybrid. This innovative model features an exciting new "EV" mode that allows pure electric propulsion at lower speeds. With an estimated 30 MPG on city streets and 32 MPG on highways, the Lexus 450 hybrid redefines what it means to be a luxury hybrid. Throw in built-in navigation, leather seats, Blue Tooth, premium audio with Ipod Input, and a rear-facing camera, and you start to get a sense as to why many come to MPG Car Rental to rent a hybrid SUV.

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