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Lexus Rental

Lexus's entry into the hybrid car arena is causing a commotion in the automotive industry. Their well-known reputation for supreme elegance and customer-satisfaction means that their quiet, excellent handling now comes with high fuel efficiency and low ecological footprint. So, join the fun and consider a Lexus rental from MPG Car Rental for your temporary driving needs.

MPG Car Rental is enthusiastic about protecting the environment. They realize that hybrid car rentals can cut down on tons of emissions and lessen our dependence on fuel. Just think of all the rental cars on the road and imagine if they were all hybrid, clean diesel, and electric (like MPG Car Rental's Fleet). Yet, MPG Car Rental also realizes that customers want style as well as stellar fuel efficiency. So, they have a wonderful selection of Lexus rental cars for that luxurious touch.

No matter what you're looking for in a Lexus rental, MPG Car Rental has the car in their all-green fleet for you. Want something sleek and quiet? Check out the Lexus CT 200 hybrid; it gets 40 miles per gallon on the highway and more in the city. It even has a totally electric EV driving mode, saving your trip from unnecessary fill-ups. Looking for a little more bulk to your Lexus rental? Well, MPG Car Rental also carries multiple mid-size Lexus hybrid utilities to really get you and your cargo around town without breaking the bank.

Thoroughly save on gas and hassle and contact MPG Car Rental at (877) 870-7821 or through their website's reservation page.