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Los Angeles Hybrid Car Rental

The premier source for a Los Angeles hybrid car rental is right here at MPG Car Rental, where we offer the area's most diverse and high-quality selection of green cars. Conveniently located in Venice, CA, our company provides drop-off and pick-up services within two miles at no extra charge. Our vehicles are available for delivery throughout Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, and Santa Monica. Here at MPG Car Rental, our entire business model has been designed to streamline the process for our customers, creating a unique Los Angeles hybrid car rental service that is hassle-free and very affordable.

Our vast fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles include everything from the always popular Prius (2nd and 3rd generation) to the turbo-charged Volkswagen Jetta TDI, the new Chevy Volt, and much more. To learn more about Los Angeles hybrid car rental through our service at MPG Car Rental, including information on our competitive prices and new deals, feel free to contact us directly with your questions.  Save money and save the planet at the same time!