MPG car rental has come a long way in offering car rental services to its customers. So far, many customers have enjoyed the services offered by MPG. As MPG continues to serve its customer, there has been a need to expand and diversify the car rental business in order to accommodate all forms of our client. This has seen MPG introduce another model of vehicle, the Nissan Leaf. Nissan Leaf is a hatchback electric car with compact five doors introduced in both Japan and United States of America in 2010. The introduction of the new Nissan model was introduced with the aim of meeting the needs of a section of our clients.

Quite a number of reasons are behind the proposal to introduce The leaf series. One of the major reasons for the introduction of Nissan leaf to MPG rental is cost effectiveness. MPG is determined to accommodate the financial diversity of many of its clients Nissan leaf is an electric modified vehicle. That means that as a customer you only need to spend less on energy and get as much satisfaction as with another model.

Are you an environmental cautious client? If so then Nissan Leaf is a very good much for you. The mechanical make-up of the Leaf model is electric. This means that the vehicle uses electricity as opposed to fuel. Gas emissions, that comes from vehicles are a product of waste that comes from burned gases; which goes to air and equally pollute it. Nissan Leaf does not emit such and even if for some reason it does, it would be in very insignificant amounts.

Nissan Leaf is a comfortable model that has come through the taste of time and technology. One very important characteristic about the Leaf Nissan model is space. Everyone loves space. Nissan Leaf has been modified in a manner that it can comfortable carry five people inclusive of the drive. It has a large trunk which can carry what a family might need for a two week vacation. Equally, Nissan leaf is a very stable vehicle with high safety ranking. Fact has it that Nissan Leaf won the Insurance Institute for Highway safety in 2011. The Leaf model has since been approved by NHTSA. Following the aforementioned facts, MPG seeks to recommend Nissan Leaf Rental LAX for its customers. Nissan Leaf is a perfect way of achieving your holiday arrangements at a reasonable cost while enjoying the advancements in technology and reprieve to the environment.