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Toyota Prius C

The Prius C is a great car rental Prius for Los Angeles residents looking for temporary transportation. The C, in fact, stands for city and Toyota has designed it to be very efficient for shorter trips. It is smaller than the regular sized Prius and has incredibly controlled handling, making parking a breeze. Plus, it’s 500 pounds lighter than any other Prius car rental, meaning you’ll save on gas when you do have to use it. The EPA has stated the Prius C gets the most fuel efficiency of any non-plug-in car, netting 53mpg in the city and 46mpg on the highway. Based in Los Angeles, MPG Car Rental has the newest and most-affordable Prius C rental around. It’s a great little car for when your car is in the shop and, depending on your commute, can save you practically what you pay for the Prius C rental. Plus, the Prius C calculates your gas savings by allowing drivers to plug in fuel costs.

Another perk of renting a Prius C is that nothing in it is belt-driven, meaning every component runs off the electric system. With a bevy of features (such as Bluetooth, auto climate control, and extra features when you connect it to your smart phone), the Prius C is completely modern. If there’s something the car lacks, then MPG Car Rental can provide you with extras, such as Garmin GPS units and Mobile Mi-Fi. Furthermore, this electric system of the Prius C rental is also charged by coasting and braking, making the car work for you as you drive. So, if you need a car with super low emissions at a competitive rate, come down to MPG Car Rental’s office in Venice. Don’t fret if you can’t make it to our office; we can deliver one of our beautiful Prius C rental cars to wherever you are in Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, or Santa Monica.

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