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Rent Chevy Volt

Nestled in Los Angeles' Venice area, MPG Car Rental offers a fleet of exclusively green vehicles. From clean diesel to electric to hybrid, the MPG Car Rental brigade truly epitomizes our belief that what's good for the environment is good for business. An important addition to our line, the Chevrolet Volt, truly upholds the standards of our environmentally-friendly rental company. Plus, a Chevrolet Volt rental is not only affordable with MPG Car Rental; it's easy to use as well.

Firstly, your Volt rental can be easily recharged from any outlet. If you're unable to get a charge on time, then that's where the Volt's unique engine comes into play. Instead of alternating between a gas and an electric engine, your Chevy Volt rental uses its gas tank and regenerative braking to recharge a dwindling electric engine. If you're planning on doing a lot of driving—whether a long trip or a shorter trip multiple times—then you should contact MPG Car Rental to rent a Chevy Volt. For smaller treks (let's say you're using it to get to work while your car is in the shop), you can get to your destination solely on the electric engine. If you rent a Chevy Volt from MPG Car Rental for a road trip, then don't worry; some claim the Volt can get up to 380 miles just from one fully charged engine and filled tank.

MPG Car Rental prides itself on being a boutique business and we guarantee that nowhere else that will rent a Chevy Volt can give you as personalized and affordable service as you'll get here. We'll even give you a hybrid 101 lesson so you're comfortable with all the basics of your rental. Give MPG Car Rental a call to hear about our weekly specials at (877) 870-7821 or by going to our contact page.