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Rent Hybrid SUV

You've made the decision to rent a hybrid from MPG Car Rental's all-green fleet, but you're worried about flexibility. Well, you'll be pleased to know that we offer a diverse line of hybrid SUVs for your rental needs. A hybrid SUV rental combines the eco-friendliness of a green vehicle with the size and towing-capacity of an SUV. You should rent hybrid SUV transportation if you're concerned about internal space for family or extra cargo on your upcoming trip. MPG Car Rental provides a variety of possibilities for those who want to rent hybrid SUV transportation.

Chevy Tahoe

Our largest option, the Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid, gets more than 25% better fuel economy than its non-hybrid alternative. A Chevy Tahoe hybrid rental uses two electric motors, a gas engine, and regenerative braking to generate power, flawlessly incorporating these systems to provide a fun and smooth driving experience.

Toyota Highlander

A Toyota Highlander hybrid rental will generally net you the greatest gas mileage of all of our SUVs. Toyota practically started the hybrid trend here in America and our customers can sense that the Toyota Highlander comes from a company with lots of knowledge about the green automotive marketplace.

Lexus RX

Lexus' mid-size SUV is available in both the 400h and the 450h models. What these vans lack in size, they definitely make up for with luxury. With plush interiors and suspension that isolates you from impurities in the road, it'll provide one of the most comfortable driving experiences around.

If you decide that a sedan or a compact might actually suit your needs, then don't worry because MPG Car Rental has many more environmentally-friendly options to choose from. If you want to rent hybrid, SUV or otherwise, cars feel free to come to our rental office in Venice Beach or talk to one of our friendly staff people. Contact MPG Car Rental online with any questions or call us at (877) 870-7821.