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Renting a Hybrid Car

The green revolution is in full swing, as you already know. If you're like most Americans, you've seen electric, hybrid and clean diesel cars on the road, but you may have wondered, What is a hybrid car along with what the differences in performance are. You might also be worried about paying extra for a hybrid and never saving money on gas in the long run (although in reality this isn't a problem). All these questions are perfectly valid, and renting a hybrid car can be the best way to find out the answers, whether you're just looking to test out a Prius V, or you want something closer to an all-electric rental car, which is what plug-in hybrids like the Chevy Volt have to offer.

Here at MPG Car Rental, we have the largest variety of any company offering hybrid car rental at LAX. There is no reason to sacrifice performance or style with the Lexus CT200, a luxury hatchback from Lexus, the carmaker with more hybrid options than anyone else. The CT200 allows you to go from all-economy to all-performance when you need a boost in speed, even if you're renting a hybrid car. Additionally, for dedicated SUV drivers, there are options here at MPG Car rental like the Lexus RX450h that can give you a sample of the green lifestyle without sacrificing the style and passenger capacity you've become accustomed to just because you're renting a hybrid car.

But you don't have to wait until you're traveling to get your sample of clean diesel or gas and electric car rental in Los Angeles. Our MPG Test Drive program for green car rental in Los Angeles is a great way to get into a green car for a few days, in order to make an informed purchase. And if you do buy, you can take the cost of your rental out of the cost of buying your car.