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Renting Green Cars

As an environmentally astute driver, you're no doubt aware of the ways in which car culture affects the world around you. There is no way to get around the Los Angeles area without a car, as you probably know. Under the current transportation system, your best bet is to rent one of the hybrids at MPG Car Rental. We can cut down on your carbon emissions during your car rental period. At MPG Car Rental, we provide an all-green fleet of rental cars including Prius rental to Los Angeles, and by spreading that environmentally friendly message, we're leading the way for change.

Throughout the second half of the twentieth century, the concern with car emissions was smog. Belching clouds of pollution into the air and discoloring our skies gave the Los Angeles area its reputation for brownish sunsets and un-breathable air. That situation has drastically improved thanks to zero-emissions vehicles and hybrid rent a car options, like those in our all-green fleet. Our carbon emissions, however, are the new concern when it comes to the effect driving has on our world. The popularity of some of the cars we offer like the Chevy Volt and Toyota Prius, however, go a long way to show that Americans, and in particularly Angelenos are interested in finding a better way.

So while you shop around for rental cars, don't forget the environmental effects of your choice. At MPG Car Rental, we make it easy to go green by offering our fleet of hybrids and plug-in hybrids (along with whatever the future holds, like electric car rental) at prices that compete with the familiar brands in car rental. We'll help you stick to your principles when you rent a car.

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