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Renting Green

At the start of this century, if you wanted to show off to your friends, you would show up in the biggest, most spacious SUV the market had to offer. SUVs still have fans these days, especially those with big families, or actual off-road purposes in mind. There is a new way to show off, though: By flexing your environmental muscles with green car rental. At MPG Car Rental, we offer the most hi-tech green car choices, and we continue to develop our all-green fleet for even newer and more exciting breakthroughs. If you really want to attract attention, you should roll up to your destination in one of our hybrids or electrics. But you can also show off your frugality, thanks to our low prices. And we tend to do a little showing off ourselves when it comes to providing great service.

A great example of the latest, attention-grabbing technological breakthroughs in hybrid rent a car is the Volkswagen Jetta TDI. The TDI is a hybrid, not just in the gas-electric sense, but it also combines environmental friendliness with performance. The turbocharged Volkswagen can deliver performance that will have people noticing you first for speed and handling, and then doing a double take when you tell them it is an electric car rental. In addition to great new models like the TDI and the incredible Chevy Volt with its all-electric driving mode, we offer tried-and-true hybrid classics like the Prius, for those who show off by turning to something classic and recognizable.

As for customer service, our team members are so friendly and knowledgeable compared to our competitors, it is hard not to show off. During pickup and drop off, you will meet us, and find out where our ever-expanding reputation comes from before you even get into your rental car.

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