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TDI Car Rental

You've probably heard about the revolutionary Volkswagen TDI engine, maybe in the news or maybe with a longing eye. MPG Car Rental believes that the TDI is an important green technology that has to be experienced to be believed. The team here at MPG Car Rental in Los Angeles offers many choices for a TDI car rental that will be an incredibly fun experience with Volkswagen's green engine.

The options for TDI Car Rental here at MPG Car Rental are amazing. With choices like a VW Beetle, and a Jetta TDI rental, there's going to be a vehicle with a turbocharged direct injection engine that's perfect for your needs. The Beetle TDI is an iconic and sleek model that nets over 40 MPG on the highway. The Jetta gets slightly more gas mileage, which is perfect for all of the traffic you may (will) encounter in Los Angeles. MPG Car Rental also carries the Jetta Wagon TDI for those who need the extra storage capacity.

If you have any apprehension about a TDI rental in Los Angeles, don't hesitate to tell one of the employees here at MPG Car Rental. We offer a quick tutorial on all of the vehicles in our fleet, and the TDI car rental is no different. We'll show you all of the features in a TDI that you might not be familiar with and we'll give you guidance on how to capably fill your tank.

Feel free to call MPG Car Rental at (877) 870-7821 for more information. We can also be reached online at this page.