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The Green Car Difference

MPG Car Rental, as its name suggests, has your miles-per-gallon in mind. But if you will pardon our bragging, MPG could also stand for Mileage, Performance and Great Service. Get a hybrid Rent-A-Car from us today.

Fuel economy has the word 'economy' right in it, and there is a good reason for that. Economists might say spending money is the best way to boost the economy, but no economist worth their salt would suggest you are doing the economy any favors by pouring all your money into a car's fuel tank. Freeing up some of your money to spread around to other areas is a better choice. At MPG Car Rental, we our fleet of dozens of green cars, means dozens of ways to save money while benefiting the economy at large.

American companies, including Chevrolet, get a boost when we buy new hybrid car rental models like the Chevy Volt. We are proud of our company's ever growing selection. Rather than providing our clientele with the short list of popular cars they expect, like the Toyota Prius, and Honda Insight, we were early adopters of the Chevy Volt. Consistently buying the newest and best, rather than resting on our laurels is just one way we try to make sure the economy is always getting stronger.

Moreover, by diversifying our car lot, and filling it with hybrid SUVs, full-sized sedans, compacts and sports cars, we are hoping the green car rental market will be full of variety, meaning consumers will always be able to find the hybrid, electric, or other fuel efficient model that fits their needs as well as their personality.

But your personal economy is important too, which is why our low prices keep customers flocking to our rental location.

You can make your reservations online or call (877)870-7821 if you want to know more.