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Toyota Prius Rental

For the Toyota Prius enthusiast or the customer looking to operate a Prius for the first time, MPG Car Rental offers a set of Toyota Prius rental at their Venice Beach headquarters. If you are pursuing a car with great fuel efficiency for citywide driving, or a low-emissions vehicle for an extended road trip, MPG Car Rental has the Prius car rental to suit your particular needs.

Our Prius C is a light-weight green car that attains up to 53mpg on surface streets. If you are visiting Los Angeles and are in need of a great car for inner-city driving, this is the Toyota Prius rental for you. The Prius 3rd Generation mid-sized four-door vehicle and the Toyota Prius V rental both afford ample space for the nuclear family heading out of town for the weekend. The new Prius V available to customers from MPG Car Rental is a hatchback vehicle with plenty of room for all of your luggage, recreational gear, or other travel necessities. With the plug-In Prius for rental, the customer may drive in battery-charged electric mode alone for up to 11 miles, or in the gas-electric operation that is standard for Prius.

MPG also offers a great test-drive program for the renter with potential long-term intentions. If the renter proceeds to purchase a Toyota Prius from an associated dealership, MPG Car Rental will reimburse up to four days of past Toyota Prius rental with our company. This way, the customer can become familiar with the Prius through MPG, as opposed to merely taking the vehicle “out for a spin” when visiting a dealership.

For more information or to reserve one of the excellent Toyota Prius in MPG Car Rental’s green fleet, call us today at 877-870-7821 or contact us online.