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Volt Rental

The Chevrolet Volt has received a lot of attention since being introduced; after all, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has cited it as the most-fuel efficient compact car with a gasoline engine sold in the United States. Netting about 93 miles per gallon (depending on the source, this number has been cited as more or less), the Chevy Volt uses an electric engine predominantly and, when its charge drops, recharges this engine with a gas-burning one. Because of this, many rent a Chevy Volt for its efficiency, benefits for the environment, or because of sheer curiosity.

MPG Car Rental, based in Venice but serving the whole Los Angeles area, proudly boasts its affordable Chevy Volt rental as a pinnacle of its all-green fleet. The vehicle's uniquely designed engine is just the innovative use of hybrid technology that MPG Car Rental truly believes in. Plus, your Volt rental will be incredibly intuitive with its bright, easy to read display panels and a quick primer on electric/hybrid cars from the team here at MPG Car Rental.

Best of all, your Volt rental doesn't have to be a hassle. We here at MPG Car Rental will pick you up with your hybrid car rental in Los Angeles and also drop you off when you're finished. We're knowledgeable about dealing with insurance agencies and can also set up corporate accounts for frequent renters. Plus, our proximity to both LAX and the Santa Monica Airport means that hopping off a plane and into your Volt rental is faster than ever.

Call MPG Car Rental today at (877) 870-7821 or visit our contact page for more information.