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VW Jetta Wagon TDI

Although hybrid’s and electric cars get most of the attention, for a long time cleaner burning diesel engines have been offering a strong alternative to ordinary gasoline. One of the latest models from the industry leader in diesel engines for passenger cars, a VW Jetta Wagon TDI rental from MPG Car Rental is one of the smartest choices there is for people who want to get their hands on a green car that’s beyond the run-of-the-mill.

Just a quick visit to MPG’s Venice, California location will get you the very latest in the direct-injection turbocharged technology that has placed Volkswagen at the front of the diesel field. A VW Jetta Wagon TDI rental car provides the same features and performance that have made the Jetta Volkswagen’s long time best seller, but now in a family-friendly station wagon design. This new Volkswagen TDI has been praised for the intelligent combination of features that make driving or riding in a Jetta Wagon both pleasurable and convenient.

Of course, whether you rent a Jetta Wagon, a VW Beetle TDI, or any of other many outstanding selections from our all green fleet, MPG Car Rental will be providing you with the finest and value of any car rental agency in greater Los Angeles. Sometimes it seems as if the larger companies feel like they can afford to take their customer base entirely for granted. At MPG, we believe the customer should be at the very heart of everything we do. That’s why offer our test drive program, which reimburses customers up to four days’ worth of their rental if they wind up purchasing a car they have rented from us.

For more information on a VW Jetta Wagon TDI or any other TDI rental in Los Angeles, please call 877-870-7821 or by going to our contact page.